Our Story

Ali & Kate

It all started with a copper roof.

Katali is a mother + daughter team who share in designing and creating sustainable one-of-a-kind wearable pieces of art made from recycled copper. Our techniques include fold-forming, air chasing, cold/hot worked, and finishes in a variety of surface techniques. Kate is a retired civil engineering professor who has always had a passion for the environmental and womens’ rights movements. Ali is a marketing director with a passion for supporting arts in the community and flair for fashion. They began their jewelry making journey in 2004 when they took their first class at the Huntsville Museum of Art.

Fast forward 10 years and countless blisters later to 2014. Kate was known for giving old things a new home so it wasn’t a surprise when one of her friends came to her with a scrap piece of copper roofing and asked, “Can you do anything with this?” Although unfamiliar with coppersmithing techniques she unable to let a good sheet of copper go to waste. Kate responded, “I’ll learn”.

Shortly afterwards Kate went on a trip to Washington D.C. She was sightseeing in the capitol and became instantly inspired by the gingko trees behind the White House, so much so that she brought some of the leaves back to Alabama with her. Leaf in hand she signed up for a silversmithing class at the local senior center and the “Dinah” was born.

Kate has been honing her copper jewelry making skills and collecting recycled copper scraps for the last 3 years. Her hobby quickly turned into a business. In 2016 Ali joined the business to help with the jewelry creation/design and marketing. They combined their passions for the environmental movement, art, jewelry making, and female empowerment to create Katali. In 2017 our sales manager Alex was brought on board to help manage our pop up gallery. Today you can catch Kate working out of her new studio in downtown Huntsville, AL and Ali in her studio in Richmond, VA. Make sure to visit Ali & Alex at the Katali pop up gallery at art festivals and shows all over the south & east coast.